It’s 2015! Although a growing number of Pinoys (Filipinos) are becoming more tolerant and accepting towards homosexuality, some stereotypes still linger, and I just want to correct them for a better understanding of gays.

1.Gays are Women Trapped in Men’s Bodies?

filipino drag queen

from Ru Paul’s Drag Race

This is a pretty common taunt Filipino gays receive. Guess what? It’s an ignorant remark, but that hasn’t been corrected because many gays think it’s true. Well, it’s not. If you think you’re a woman trapped in a male body, then you’re probably transgender, not a gay man. Also, drag queens, men dressed as women, are performers who may or may not be transgender. If they are not performers, they may be transvestites, men dressed as women, who may be gay or straight, and who may or may not do so as a sexual fetish.

 When you’re strictly a gay man, you’re a man who is attracted to other men. It’s as simple as that.

2. Gays Want to Be Girls

jc de vera

from JC De Vera’s twitter page

Uh, no! Just because we fall in love with men or we find guys like JC de Vera or Dominic Roque hot, doesn’t mean we necessarily identify with girls, many of whom adore them. Just because many gays are “feminine,” doesn’t mean they want to have vaginas. A lot of gays are comfortable with their bodies, and many are masculine. Not all gays are feminine. Some gays could pass for straight men, but you know they’re not, because they date other men.

dominic roque

from Dominic Roque’s twitter page 

3. Gays are Loud, Boisterous Creatures.

drag quen

Just like straight men and women, gays are diverse in terms of attitudes, behavior, and personality. The problem is local media depict gays to be loud, flamboyant men working in beauty parlors, and people stereotype gays as such. So, when a quiet, reserved gay happens to come out, everyone is like, “but you don’t move or sound like you’re gay.”

There are extroverted gays. There are introverted gays. Some gays like going to bars and dance with their girlfriends at pubs on Saturday nights. Some prefer reading books alone. Gays are diverse. Hence, quit the stereotyping.

4. Gays are Creative and Artistic, so Only Work in Industries like Fashion

filipino fashion show

from shopaholicmonster

Like I mentioned, gays are diverse. Just because there are prominent gays working in the beauty and fashion industry, doesn’t mean all gays crowd this industry. There are gays who don’t know how to design clothes. There are gays who don’t know how to wear makeup. There are gays who have no idea what clothes are appropriate. Some gays work as mechanical engineers, accountants, bookkeepers, gym instructors, travel guides, and so on.

5. Gays are Promiscuous Sexual Predators

stranger danger

from babycenter

I don’t know how exactly gays got this bad reputation. It’s common to hear people tagging promiscuity in gay and bisexual men. I think it’s a hasty generalization. But no. Promiscuity occurs in straight people, too. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but has everything to do with individual attitudes and choices.

pride ad 1 about

That gays are promiscuous and hunt down men to go down on them, or to get screwed in the rear, is a gross misconception. Many gays are in monogamous relationships, and some go for years without seeing male genitals aside from their own.

6. Gays Just Love Pink


from telegraph

I don’t like pink at all. I love black, gray, and brown. None of my gay friends have ever worn pink shirts yet. We’re supposed to love pink because we’re like girls, who love pink. But no. Go back to point #2.

6. Gays are Fun Because of their Humor and Wit

18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - Show

Filipino-American actor comedian, Alec Mapa, from

I’m not fun to be around with. Ask my friends. I’m usually a quiet person who occasionally would quip silly jokes, but that’s all I can do. I think we should stop expecting gays to pull off funny antics and theatrics because we think they’re supposed to be comical. Like I said, gays are as diverse as straight people. While some have a knack for comedy, others can be dull, boring creatures.

8. Gays Just Love Mariah



I had a friend who never liked Regine or Mariah (or Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, or musicals, etc.). He loved to listen to alternative rock music. I guess there’s a good number of queers who love female singers, but not everyone in the gay community listens to the same artists.

9. Gays are Avid Fans of Beauty Pageants

beauty pageant


I don’t really care much about beauty pageants in the same way I don’t care much about NBA games. I’m not an avid follower of Miss Universe or Miss World pageants. I don’t look up contestants on Google. I don’t care what gowns they wear. I’d rather watch Divas Live or something of that nature. Don’t be surprised if you find a gay man who’s not too interested in pageants.

10. If You’re a Guy in Your 20s and Never had a Girlfriend, You Must Be Gay.

Piolo Pascual

Filipino Actor Piolo Pascual from

You could be, but you could also be asexual or you’re just a straight guy who has other priorities. This is a pretty common misconception about guys who haven’t had a girlfriend since God knows when. People jump to conclusions that they’re gay. Oh, hello there, Piolo. But it’s a seriously silly assumption, one that Pinoys need to stop making. Besides, there are men who had many girlfriends and now identify themselves as gays.

What misconceptions about gay men do you know of?

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