[This is Part II of my interview with artist Norm Yip. For Part I, please click here.]

3am yusuke

“Yusuke,” Japanese

peppii: How did you recruit the subjects for 3.AM?

Norm: Most of the most models that were chosen by me were found through the normal channels of Facebook and friends introducing friends to me. With some of the ones where I collaborated with Patryk, we would normally go through the selection of guys and choose which ones we thought would be suitable to work with. With the guys in bondage, there was no real choice, since I had known them before and the bondage is real. They actually enjoy being tied up.

3am Tou

“Tou,” Chinese

peppii: What makes 3.AM markedly different from 1.AM and 2.AM?

Norm: There was something about this particular edition that I felt as a (serious) photographer I needed to jump over, and that was the necessity to finally reveal the penis in the artwork. In both books 1.AM and 2.AM, I was not ready to show the penis in my photography. I didn’t feel as though the book necessitated it. In Hong Kong particularly, showing a full frontal would have pushed me back even further as an artist. It would have been a different scenario if I was working and living in the USA or Europe, where full frontals and nudity are quite common in both art and photography. I had already taken several sessions with guys where they were quite willing to show off their sexual side in front of me, and it was very liberating. I knew that for this book, I was now ready to show some of the images to my audience, and without the fear of it being categorized as pornography. To me, the photographs are still art.

3am david n gus

“David & Gus,” Chinese. Originally photographed for the book FIFTYFIVE in collaboration with stylist Patryk Chaou.

End of Part II

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