Cover of The Asian Male – 3.AM by Norm Yip

Eight years has passed since my first and only interview with Hong Kong artist, Norm Yip. He was gracious enough to give me some time back then, and some very valuable insight into his life and art, right before the release of his second-in-a-series book of Asian, male nude photography, “2.AM: The Asian Male,” a follow-up to “1.AM: The Asian Male,” in an article for sfgam, now archived at peppii here. Please take a look at that article (as well as this one) to get a very good idea of who Norm is as a person and artist.

We are excited to have Norm back with us to talk about his latest book, continuing the series of male Asian nudes which has recently been released, “3.AM: The Asian Male,” as well as his other projects, and how life has been these past eight years.

peppii: Norm, thank you for joining us again. It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years. Before we begin talking about your exciting latest book, what are some of the highlights of your life that you would like to fill us in on, since our last communication?

Norm: Hi brian, thank you for having me here on peppii. Yes, it was a long wait from the second book, 2.AM to now. But I haven’t been completely quiet on publishing on the subject of Asian men. In 2013, I published a small paperback publication called beaux, which was a hybrid between a book and a magazine.

3am beaux

“With the theme VANITY, the first issue of beaux features over 60 photographs of models from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, the Philippines, and Vietnam.”

I was hoping that the magazine would generate advertising interest for it to become financially viable, but I felt in the end that my focus was not this kind of business, but more towards art. I think if I was to take another stab at beaux, it would need passionate investors that see the value and potential it has.

I also collaborated with professional fashion stylist Patryk Chao on another book publication entitled FIFTYFIVE, where the proceeds from the book would go towards helping a charity in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the book never became a reality for a variety of reasons. Actually, several of the images from this particular project are shown in the new 3.AM book.

peppii: Well, I’m glad you’ve kept busy, and were able to salvage some of the images from the last project for your new book. Speaking of your new book, 3.AM, how did the series work its way back into your thoughts? Was it simply time?

Norm: Since I never really stopped shooting guys from 2.AM onwards, my images just continued to grow in my collection of work. Quite honestly, I didn’t envision seeing my third book until around the start of 2013, and that was when I started to gather all the images into a folder. That was the start of it all. I knew that this particular volume of images in mind would be different than my previous 2 books mainly because I had introduced a few fashion elements, and more color. I have even included several bondage images that I find highly expressive and beautiful. Given that, I do feel that my work has evolved and matured over the years. The photography is now more so a reflection of me than ever before.

3am monika

Monika, Albanian-Cambodian, from the book The Asian Male, 3.AM. by Norm Yip

End of Part I

(Part II coming soon)


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