So many gay guys overlook good skin care. Young men tend not to worry too much and older men very likely grew up when skin care for men was not in vogue. But times are a-changing and good skin care is recognized as not only making you look that much better but also, for want of a better expression, “helping preserve what you have.”

Therefore, if you think about it, there’s no reason not to spend a bit more time on your good looks and pamper yourself whenever you have the chance!


Hey guys…, as you well know, there’s a lot of competition from other guys out there!

So, you really need to make sure you look your best at all times—and looking your best isn’t only about being well-dressed or having that “killer” haircut, sexy t-shirt or a great smile.

More and more these days, other men are checking out your skin. No doubt they look you up and down to see how your body appeals to them or check out your sense of humor or clothes, but good skin care is becoming more and more essential.

The state of your skin can tell any observer a lot about you, about your lifestyle and the way you care for yourself generally. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are not already doing so, reach for that bottle of skin toner, grasp hold of that vitamin pack and get your skin into shape—people really do notice when your skin is glowing!


1. Diet

green tea

“Green Tea” from

Good skin care starts with your diet. (I can hear the groans already: oh no, a lecture on what I can/cannot eat!)—but, quite seriously, we are what we eat. Too much fatty, oily or fried food plays havoc with the appearance of your skin. Too much alcohol or too many late nights out partying devastates the skin’s luster.

Whilst no one expects you to live like a saint, if the end result of a little bit of moderation is your skin looking tons better, isn’t it worth some effort to control your dietary vices? (you can keep on with the others…. ☺)

As pointed out by an article by Sharon Liao in Men’s Fitness, foods that are especially good for healthy skin include almonds (and other nuts that are rich in Vitamin E), red peppers (and other Vitamin C rich foods like papayas, strawberries, kiwi and kale), carrots (for skin tone), salmon (for complexion), lean beef (a source of zinc for skin renewal and possibly hair loss prevention), dark chocolate (for complexion and texture), green tea (to slow down wrinkles and possibly prevent skin cancer), whole grains (as opposed to refined grains which damage collagen which leads to wrinkly, saggy skin).


2. Vitamins

Vitamins are an essential supplement to most diets but, for guys wanting to look that extra bit special, try one of the ubiquitous hair, skin and nails supplements from one of the better known brands, such as Vitamin Code, currently on the market.

vitamin raw one

Then there are Evening Primrose tablets or capsules. They are an ideal daily supplement—I found that, after a week or so of regular use, my skin had a nice, fresh-looking sheen to it (and now I can’t give them up!)

evening primrose

Evening Primrose

3. Regular Skin Care Regimen

If you don’t want to try anything too “involved,” you should at least work a regular skin care regimen into your daily routine. Try this fairly typical skin care regimen:

I use a mild cleanser with warm, (not hot), water every other day. On the intervening days, I simply use a very lightly-perfumed soap, lathering it up to apply to my face immediately after shaving, and then again after returning home after being at work or elsewhere.

nivea face wash

Moisturizing Face Wash

After the cleanser, I apply a skin toner to refresh my pores and, dare I admit (looks like I am going to), I use a good quality night cream especially for those areas under and to the side of my eyes. The night cream tightens and lifts, and helps your skin regain some of its lost luster in these areas where the skin is at its weakest.

Rugged Cleanser and Toner

Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser For Men – 8 OZ – Face Wash + Energizing Toner + Exfoliating Scrub In One – Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients – Zero Risk 100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee

4. Moisturizer

As we all know, there is plenty of harmful UV in the air, even when there is little sunshine—not to mention the general dirt and grime in city air. To help protect against both of these, on a daily basis I apply a mildly-scented moisturizer (vegetable fragrances such as cucumber or carrot, or floral if you don’t mind delicate smells—actually to my whole body) immediately after my morning shower.

moisturizer am

A.M. Moisturizer

revitalizer pm

P.M. Revitalizer

5. Sun-Block Cream

Then, just before I leave for my day to work or elsewhere, I use a high factor sun-block cream. (Yes, yes I know we all love to sunbathe and get a tan, but think of the long term… we really don’t want to have premature wrinkles, do we?)

sun block

Sun Block Cream

6. Facial Skin Massage

I find it always helps to, say, once per week to give yourself a gentle but thorough:

  • Place your middle fingers against the skin of your cheeks and gentle push upwards, moving your digits in a counter-clockwise rotation for up to one minute to stimulate the collagen under your skin. You can then do a stronger “massage-type” upwards push with two fingers pressed together in the areas at your eyebrow and forehead.

7. Personal Hand-Held Laser

To be honest, my personal favorite is to use, on a daily basis (another secret about to be revealed), my very own personal hand-held laser from Bright Therapy or another similar brand. Regular use of a red light laser (6 minutes in the morning, 6 minutes in the evening) over a 1-2 month period definitely gives your skin that extra glow—and, best of all, no one knows you are using a laser until one day someone suddenly looks at you and ask: “What have you been doing to your skin, it looks so good?”

red light laser

Bright Therapy Softlaser Plus LLLT Light Therapy Laser for beautiful radiant skin



Clearly, no one size fits all in terms of which skin care maintenance suits you but I have found that a combination of most of the above-mentioned tips over a regular period does yield positive results.

So, go on what are you waiting for?

Time to present your best face to the word!