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Aaah… older gay white men in Asia:  What can I say?

As an older gay white man, myself, living in Asia, I speak from my own experiences over very many years, and that of my friends here. And, of course, these observations can hold true for older gay white men, anywhere in the world, who seek relationships with gay Asian men, (or of Asian descent), anywhere in the world. Of course, there are going to be differences in locales and personalities.

So, you tell me! Make comments at the end of the article to let me know if you agree or disagree, and why or why not. Thanks!

Well, first let me say that, as a rule, I try my best to avoid generalising and stereotyping anybody… anywhere… anytime.

But… and you knew  there’d be a “but”…when I look around at many older, gay white men in Asia and around the world, there are 7 things that they all seem to want…to crave, to aspire to have:

1.  A Young Boyfriend:  This first one’s very obvious — a nice, young, slim, soft-skinned Asian boyfriend. It doesn’t matter whether the young man in question is from Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia or even China, he just needs to be handsome or “pretty,” have a slightly darker than average skin complexion and be fresh-faced and lithe… sound familiar?


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2.  A Killer Pad: Then there’s the knockout, swanky, modern “pad,” whether it be the villa with a stunning sea view in Phuket or the chic, modern 2-bed apartment in central Manila, or even a high rise studio-cum-1-bed apartment in Hong Kong, New York or San Francisco, the decor has to be almost minimalist, with some nice artwork and, of course, the place must have a big bed…

Seaview Villa Grande for sale, Naithon Beach, Phuket

Seaside villa in Phuket (Thailand) from siteandsight.com

3. Their Youth:  Looking good at all times is a foregone conclusion, whether it be at work in the sleek, modern offices of some financial institution or at play in the snazzy, slinky bars and nightclubs of Asia, Europe, or North American metropolises. Sharp shirts, smart shoes and snappily styled haircuts… oh, and plenty of Botox, Restylane or other cosmetic “enhancements”! Youth, oh…, beautiful youth!

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4. Yesterday:  Judging by the number of chunky rings and bracelets on pudgy fingers and thickening wrists, gold chains and clunky medallions worn ever so casually amidst hairy chests under open necked shirts, the era of the disco never really went away for plenty of older, gay white gentlemen in Asia; maybe they’re reminiscing about days and loves gone by?

File:Disco Stu.png

“Disco Stu” from simpsons.wiki.com

5.  Matching Outfits:  Wearing the exactly same shirt as your young, Asian boyfriend is, well… almost forgivable. Wearing exactly the same type and colour of mid thigh length “dress shorts” or boat-deck shoes… hmm, not quite. But going the whole hog and appearing exactly, totally, identical in appearance to your younger loved one… eew! It happens, really!

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6.  Pets: Quite who makes “the call”  I am not sure, the older white man or his tanned Asian honey – but soooo many gay couples end up with a small, white haired Highland Terrier or two, or a Yorkshire Terrier apiece, or maybe even a Jack Russell or three. Makes the family complete I guess.

West Highland White Terrier Dog

West Highland Terrier from adogbreeds.com

7.  Acceptance:  And, lastly, maybe the most important of all — acceptance. Many older men crave being seen, to be recognised as gay and out and proud – nothing whatsoever wrong with this at all. Yet, many, after a lifetime of being in the closet, of suppressing one’s identity… they now feel the need to excessively flaunt their identity, their young Asian boyfriend(s), their lifestyle…to…

See me, recognise me; accept me. I might be over 50, 60 or even over 70, but I sure as hell can make up for lost time!

Come on darling let’s go home to my sleek, sexy pad, it’s late and you’ve got classes tomorrow… what was your name again?   : )