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If the spark is fading in your sex life, you may need a little help to turn the fizzle in your bedroom back into sizzle. It is quite normal for gay partners in both short and long-term relationships to experience a decline or diminish in their sex lives. What used to be hot is now a feeling of distance and emptiness. Sensual pleasure is something that partners should not neglect which is why it is important to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner on what is pleasing and satisfying. Here are 8 things you can do to revitalize your sex life that will definitely keep you and your partner up all night.

1. More Foreplay


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There is no need to be in a hurry when it comes to sex. However, it is quite common to rush through the foreplay to get straight to the point. Although there is nothing wrong with a quickie every now and then, try a different approach by taking your time to build up the arousal which makes the process a lot more enjoyable. By slowly building up your partner’s erotic energy until he can’t take it anymore, you will have a much more memorable and enjoyable sexual experience.

2. Make a Porno

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Celebrities are not the only people who get things heated by making a video having sex. By creating your own pornographic film with your sex partner, you have the chance to share all of your intimate fantasies on camera. You and your partner can watch it together later and talk about what was enjoyable or how to improve next time. However, it is important that this video remains private so make sure that no one else can get access to it, especially children.

3. Try Role-Playing


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There are several ways to role play which leads to fun, hot sex with your partner. One suggestion is to write erotic stories and read them out loud while lying in bed. You may be surprised what you and your partner come up with. You can also visit a costume store either in person or online to buy a wild and crazy outfit that will definitely get your lover excited. The possibilities for role playing are endless and your partner will appreciate the effort you made which will ultimately lead to an improved sex life.

4. Try Doing It in Different Places

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If the majority of sex you have had with your partner is in the bedroom, then it may get boring after some time. You can end your passion drought by having sex in different rooms. You can also try having sex on other household items like a washing machine, desk, kitchen table, or a simple table chair. Once again, the possibilities are endless. Since you are inside the privacy of your home, no one has to know what you and your partner are doing. Then again, if you are the more adventurous type, you may want to try the thrill of doing it in a public place. But don’t get caught, and know the legal consequences if you do.

5. Establish a Date Night

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People are often busy and it is common to get caught up in the stress of everyday life. As a result, sex life is often not the priority. Plan a night out for just the two of you where you can enjoy yourselves and really have fun without discussing any serious issues or problems. You can end the evening by sexually pleasing your partner as a way of saying thank you for a great night out.

6. Make a Favorites List

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Have you ever taken the time to find out what actually pleases your partner? Write down things that your partner does that is pleasing to you. Your partner should do vice-versa and then compare notes. When it comes to sex, write down specific topics, activities, or positions that both of you enjoy the most. By sharing and communicating this list with your partner, you will definitely keep the flame burning in the bedroom.

7.  Surprise Your Lover

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One excellent way to pique your lover’s sexual libido is to surprise your lover. These surprises can be in the form of small gifts, cards, sexy photos, among many other ideas. By doing the unexpected, your lover will definitely show a lot more interest in you sexually.

8.  Balance Your Time

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In order for your sexual relationship to flourish, you have to respect your partner’s time as well as make time for yourself. Each of you should have your own individual lives that are separate from the relationship. You can bring more vitality and freshness to the relationship by having your own interests which help make the relationship stronger and ultimately improve your sex life.

Take Your Sex Life to Greater Heights

To enrich your relationship, it is important to reconnect with your lover and improve the sexual intimacy and passion that may have been lost. Although sex alone does not create a lasting relationship especially for gay partners, it will definitely enhance it by following the eight tips mentioned. With a little spontaneity and creativity, you and your lover can take sexual passion to a whole new level and you may stay up all night doing it.

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