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What is peppii.com?

peppii is an online community that caters to gay Asian men, their friends and supporters around the world.

peppii unites individuals, couples and organizations that support our culture so we can all grow and thrive.

We have designed peppii to meet your needs and add value to your life!

peppii is not your traditional social network and dating site. It is a way of living, an attitude, a philosophy. Learn and Love by Connecting. Grow by sharing.

Be informed, enlightened and find happiness being part of a supportive, loving community!


For Individuals

Whether you are here to make new friends, find a date or husband or just share your life with us, you are in the right place!   We are not your typical social and dating network that promotes hookups.  Join us and you will meet others who also want to improve the quality of their lives like yourself! We are here to lift up your spirit and encourage you to grow with positive vibes and passion.


For Couples

We understand you need friends too!  You can search for other couples in your local area or while you are traveling abroad.  Use our Travel Ads feature and you will be able to notify members in your future destinations that you will be visiting their cities.   Meet new friends and have them be your travel guide. Then you can reciprocate when they visit your hometown.  Make advance arrangements and get to know them before arriving.  Nothing compares to hanging out with other likeminded couples. We make meeting new friends easy. And so we bring you energy.


For Organizations

In order to thrive and become strong, you need alliances.  Find similar organizations around the globe which serve the same purpose as yours by using our search engine.  Recruit overseas supporters, give a live presentation in our advance Video Chat Room, and discuss ideas, exchange experiences and skillsets in forums, host events for your followers using online calendars.  We give you the power like no other platforms, because you are already in the right place to get the kind of support you need.  Create your own alliance community!


We certainly don’t want to get too serious and forget about fun!  Share your life by posting those funny videos or memorable photos on your wall.  Send your friends gifts so that they know you are thinking about them. Celebrate life by creating your own events and invite your friends to join.  Be playful!

Our articles cover a variety of topics that will bring the world to you that you care about.  From interviews of politicians, artists or movers and shakers in your communities, dating tips and relationship advice, travel experiences around the world, personal stories that touch your heart to news from your origin country, you will find information that interests you.  Or, simply create your own blog and share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with our world!  In this way, peppii offers you inspiration.

Last but not least:  We truly care about you and will always be here to encourage you to grow spiritually and emotionally.   We have all come a long way.  So, it’s time to own your identity!


Live with       passion
Feel the         energy
Serve your     purpose
Be                   playful
Share the       inspiration
Own your      identity

Now join us and be peppii!