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Taiga Ishikawa – from ajw.asahi.com

Like in most of Asia, LGBT equality is slow in coming. A combination of “traditional Confucian values and a powerful Christian community”  has made the road very difficult for the LGBT community.

So, when Japan’s first openly-gay politician, Taiga Ishikawa, 40, heard that Seoul’s police banned the Korea Queer Culture (to take place June 28), he took action, traveling to Korea in early June to support Korea’s LGBT community and be part of the festival which is now being allowed to go forward “after a court ruled the ban unjust.”

“I was shocked to hear that the parade was blocked by the state forces. It saddened me. Then it hit me; there isn’t an openly LGBT lawmaker in Korea yet.”

The first of now three LGBT politicians in Japan, Ishikawa is a pioneer in gay Asian politics and believes that “having a sexual minority in politics is important because it allows the LGBT community a greater voice.”

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